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PHG5203 economical online ORP meter

In the pHG5203 based on function simplifies the functions, thus has a special strong price advantage. Clear display, simple operation and excellent test properties make it has high costperformance. Accurately measuring solution REDOX potentials value and temperature.

Technical indicators

Showing the way: LED (digital tube) display, high brightness, eye-catching, intuitive, and visible distance

Measuring scope: 0 ~ 14.00 pH, - 1999 ~ + 1999mV, 0 ~ 99.9 ℃

Used scope: the auto/hand-switch 0 ~ 99.9 ℃, 25 ℃, water and add conversion 25 ℃ convert. Ammonia ultra-pure water

Points distinguishes rate: 0.01 pH, 0.1 ℃, 0.1 mV

Fine degrees: + 0.05 pH, + 1mV, + 0.3 ℃

Input impedance: Ω > 1012

Current isolation output: software setting 0 ~ 10 mA (load < 1.5 k Ω) or 4 ~ 20 mA (Ω), load < 750 optional two ways 4 ~ 20 mA;

Alarm relay: AC220V, aaa, alarm signal isolating output.

Communication interface: isolation RS485 (optional)

Electricity source: AC220V + 22V, 50Hz + 1Hz, optional DC24V + 240 V

Protective level: IP65

Working conditions: environmental temperature 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 90 acuities ℅

> power lost save: for 10 years

Weight, size: 0.8 kg, 96 x 96 x 110 mm

The size of holes: 92x92mm;

Second table installation: opening type

Electrode installation: circulation type/sink into type/flange/pipeline

Standard configuration

PHG5203 second table one, T200 online ORP electrode one.

Main features

Microcomputer: using high-performance the CPU chip, high-precision AD transform technology and SMT placement technology, perform multiple parameters measurement, temperature compensation, range automatically converts, instrument self-check and high precision, and repeatability.

High reliability: no complicated function switch and adjust knob.

Strong anti-interference ability: current output and alarm relay adopts photoelectric coupling isolation technology, strong anti-jamming capability, realize remote transmission.

The automatic alarm functions: alarm signal isolating output, alarm upper and lower limit can be arbitrary set, alarm lag withdrawn.

Industrial control type watchdog: ensure instrument won't crash

Network function: the isolation of current output and RS485 communication interface; Current corresponding pH value of the upper and lower limit output can be arbitrary set, hysteresis quantity can adjust, the adjusting range (0 ~ 7.00 pH).

Standard fluid pH value automatically convert: stored the standard fluid temperature curve, calibration automatically converted into a standard set temperatures liquid in the pH.

Automatic discriminant error calibration: if users in the calibration wrong using standard buffer liquid, instrument will automatically tip.

Purchasing guidelines

1, which is two composite or distribution extremely three composites;

2 and electrode cable length, not according to match that was;

3 and electrode installation way.

4, power supplies, not to also signify AC220V match by.

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