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PHG5202 intelligent online ORP meter

PHG5202 is guaranteed the basis of performance, which simplifies the function with a special strong price advantage. Environment adaptable, clear display, simple operation and excellent test performance makes it the high ratio of performance to price can accurate measurement of the solution REDOX potentials value and temperature.

Technical indicators

Showing the way: LED (digital tube) display, high brightness, eye-catching, intuitive, and visible distance

Measuring scope: 0 ~ 14.00 pH, - 1999 ~ + 1999mV, 0 ~ 99.9 ℃

Used scope: the auto/hand-switch 0 ~ 99.9 ℃, 25 ℃ convert

25 ℃ convert: pure water and add 25 ℃ convert ammonia ultra-pure water

Points distinguishes rate: 0.01 pH, 0.1 ℃, 0.1 mV

Fine degrees: + 0.02 pH, + 0.5 mV ℃, + 0.3

Input impedance: Ω > 1012

Current isolation output: software setting 0 ~ 10 mA (load < 1.5 k Ω) or 4 ~ 20 mA (Ω), load < 750 optional two ways 4 ~ 20 mA;

Alarm relay: AC220V, aaa, alarm signal isolating output

Communication interface: isolation RS485 (optional)

Electricity source: AC220V + 22V 50Hz, optional DC24V plus or minus 1Hz plus or minus 240 V

Protective level: IP65

Working conditions: environmental temperature 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 90 acuities ℅

> power lost save: for 10 years

Weight, size: 0.8 kg, 146 x 146 x 108 mm

The size of holes: 138x138mm

Second table installation: opening type/wall hung/frame mounting type/pipeline

Electrode installation: circulation type/sink into type/flange/pipeline/lateral wall type

Standard configuration

PHG5202 second table one, T200 online ORP electrode one.

Main features

Many parameters with screen: temperature and pH value or mV with screen.

Microcomputer: using high-performance the CPU chip, high-precision AD transform technology and SMT placement technology, perform multiple parameters measurement, temperature compensation, range automatically converts, instrument self-check and high precision, and repeatability.

High reliability: veneer structure, touch buttons, no switch knob and potentiometer.

Waterproof dustproof design: protection class IP65, suitable for outdoor use.

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/RFI) design: by European standards 50082 EN50081 / design and manufacture.

25 ℃ convert: can realize the sandhust electrode slope temperature compensation, pure water and add 25 ℃ convert ammonia ultra-pure water.

Stances impedance input circuit: low impedance pH electrode, the instrument of fast response, good stability, strong anti-jamming.

Solution: eliminating linked to loop interference.

The automatic alarm functions: alarm signal isolating output, alarm upper and lower limit can be arbitrary set, alarm lag withdrawn.

Network function: the isolation of current output and RS485 communication interface; Current corresponding pH value of the upper and lower limit output can be arbitrary set; Hysteresis quantity can adjust, the adjusting range (0 ~ 7.00 pH).

Automatic discriminant error calibration: if users in the calibration wrong using standard buffer liquid, instrument will automatically tip.

Industrial control type watchdog: ensure instrument won't crash.

Purchasing guidelines

1, which is two composite or distribution extremely three composites;

2 and electrode cable length, not according to match that was;

3 and electrode cable length more than 20m should match pHRT - 1, impedance transformer;

4, electrode and second instrument installation way.

5, power supplies, not to also signify AC220V match by.

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