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Online alkali concentration meter
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CYN - 1E sink into type audio assolenoid style

CYN - 1E sink into type audio assolenoid style alkali salt concentration meter application electromagnetic induction principle, avoid the acid, alkali etc of the strong corrosive solution, corrosion, pollution and electrode polarization effect. Mainly used in ion exchange legal take highly purified water process monitoring ion exchanger regeneration liquid concentration. It can be read in situ monitoring far easton numerical and concentration. Can be applied to electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries medium-large water treatment process of continuous monitoring.

Technical indicators

Range: 0 ~ 5 % NaOH 0 ~ 10% NaCl 0 ~ 5% HCl in

(weight percentage, other range ordering consultation)

Precision: 5.0 magnitude (actual can achieve 2.0 class above)

Temperature compensation range: 5 ~ 55 ℃

Circulation type sensor work pressure: more than 0.25 MPa (ex-factory hydrostatic test 0.4 MPa)

Sank into the sensor 1MPa pressure of work: the highest temperature: more than 55 ℃ use

Circulation type sensor medium flow: 100 ~ 1000ml/min

Display: four 0.56 inch LED display, concentration three effective numerical,

Resolution 0.01%

DC4 ~ 20mA output: (DC0 ~ 20mA or acceptable DC0 ~ 10mA output ordering)

Output maximum load resistance: 500 Ω DC4 ~ 20mA, (DC24V)

Power supply: DC24 + 5V, consumed by supporting A (0.2 quadratic display instrument power supply)

Installation: wall hanging

Sensor installation way: sink into type/pipeline/flange/thread connection, can also according to the customer request configuration!

The dimensions and installation size: 230 x 165 x 100mm

Main features

Without zero, and high precision: using audio frequency excitation power and resonant circuit and its unique signal sampling way, replace traditional products, make the excitation type single frequency to detect transformer is the output voltage of hundreds, improve greatly improves the precision and stability of the instrument.

· the long-term use of no zero drift phenomena: using low leakage magnetic structure and ferromagnetic shielding, sensor ferromagnetic materials not near zero impact of instrumentation.

The display value stability: the sensors, add water separator, can remove spirit because of acid and alkali thrower leak air inhaled or samples for the measured results kalumburu bubbles influence.

· highly intelligent, high-precision temperature compensation

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