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* UYT - 86 ordinary static pressur
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UYT - 86 ordinary static pressure type application

UYT - 86 is specifically targeted at water level and oil level measurement and the design level of an investment type. Adopts integration with excellent imported stainless steel is completely sealed ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor parts, small volume, resistance to overload ability, good anticorrosion property, high stability. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, mining, pharmaceuticals, water, etc.

Main features

· stainless steel structure

· protection grade reaches IP68

· using strong ceramic sensitive area with liquid diaphragm contacts, not easy jam

Import ceramic piezoresistive sensor,, corrosion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, with high precision, high stability

· two-wire system output, easy installation, no maintenance

Structural materials

Sensor diaphragm: 96% alumina ceramics

Shell body: stainless steel 316L. PTFE

Dense sealing pieces: fluorine rubber

Rubber casing: polybutadience rubber

Electric cable: phi 7.5 mm polyethylene (or polyurethane)

Technical indicators

Measuring scope: 0 ~ 20m H2O

Overload ability: 100 times FS

Precision grades: 0.2 levels and 0.5 level

Working voltage: 24VDC

The output signal: 4 ~ 20mA

More than 750 load resistance: Ω

Range migration: 10:1

Temperature error: + 0.015% FS / ℃

Stability error: + 0.2% FS/year

Used scope: 0 ~ + 70 ℃

Environmental temperature: - 30 ~ + 70 ℃

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 85

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